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    There was one time,
    There was sunshine,
    And the clouds staggered in.
    I was crashing down a hillside,
    Tied up in the blue and the green.
    There was progress,
    In the process,
    Of the hope that fell on me.
    Then you wake up in a hollow,
    There’s a black mark where your heart should’ve been.
    Carry me out to the garden,
    So I can breath it in,
    I’m in trouble again.
    Carry me out to the garden,
    So I can stop the end,
    I’m in trouble again.
    When I woke that night,
    My head was spinning round.
    Could have laid down and died,
    But my head was spinning round.
    I wanna know what it’s like,
    So I can feel it inside.

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