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    Swing your partner round and kick 'em down
    Drag him by the hair across the floor
    She's a roped-up car collision
    She's an open heart incision
    She's in every tab of acid that I score
    When that train comes to your door
    When I come marching home from war
    When that train comes to your door
    Will you still want
    Will you still want me
    A qua du li Ha n i
    Hi ga yo la a
    Wi da u ga ta
    Ah ti ne ha g a
    Ye gogo a da la du di
    Ni hi a da ge
    Yu di i go hi da
    Dancing in a barroom down in Gary Indiana
    I can hear them loudly laughing
    Sipping vodka by the cantor
    In this dream I'm having
    There's an unpaid balance standing
    It's my old friend Horace Manning and he wants her
    There's that gentleman beside her
    As they undress by the fire
    Then he puts his hand inside her
    Then he nooooo...

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