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    Oh Lord please deliver me
    From this life full of sin
    Cause I've been here seems for years now
    On your doorstep repenting

    I'm not looking for religion
    Cause I'm more devil than a saint
    And if I end up on hells door
    Well I made my bed and I lay in it

    I'm so tired of wondering
    Wondering where I'll end up

    Tell me where did I go wrong?
    As i think about yesterday
    As I sit here all alone
    As my life just wastes away

    Oh lord wont you help me
    Cause I've done it again
    I've swindled through another day
    And I don't care about anything

    I'm not asking for your pity
    Or begging for a helping hand
    I'm just looking for the reason
    Why I've become a sinning man

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