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    Marvin Gaye

    It's over, it's all over
    Said it's over, it's all over baby
    I've gotta get away from you fast as I can
    Oh you're too much for me woman
    More than my heart could stand
    Like a kid behind the wheel
    You been reckless with my heart
    If I stay around you sure to tear it all apart
    Said the road's got to end somewhere, honey honey
    Every road's got to end somewhere
    Now is the time for the showdown
    so let me give you the low down
    Oh we've come to the end of our road

    Just think about all the times you promised to call
    I sat home lonely
    You only did it cause you know I loved you only
    Runnin', runnin', 'round with every guy in town
    I'm telling you woman no longer will I be your clown
    Said the road's got to end somewhere
    Every road has got to end somewhere
    Well I'm tired of your stuff
    Said enough is enough
    We've come to the end of our road
    I can't take it no more
    You made more sense when you begged and you pleaded
    Talkin' bout I'm the one you're needing
    Said I done had my fill of you
    Then you told me the end
    I just broke up running out of tears
    Tell you I couldn't cry if I wanted to
    The road's got to end somewhere

    Every roads got to end somewhere
    Time and again I begged you to slow down
    So I'm giving you the love down
    We've come to the end of our road
    Bye, bye, bye baby

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