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    I am the master of ceremony
    old school ministry funky testimony
    latinjazzy dj funky grandmaster
    music ambassador of italian (sound blaster)
    generous like generous is the sound of my band
    united we play united westand
    i speak english like a new yor city taxi driver
    tell me where youwanna go then i take you higher
    I am lorenzo aka jo va not ti
    i'mgrooving like james brown i sing like pavarotti
    I mix romantic flavour of atipical italian melody
    with the urban hip hop sound of global technology
    like the profet i got vision i got messages for you
    this town is goingto burn if you don't get into the groove
    I snitch and i snatch but i don'tknow what does it mean
    my baby
    move your head to the beat never saymaybe
    life's gonna get you to be or not to be
    my blood's got salt of themediterranean sea
    good to make tears good to make sweat
    god bless youall and day we met
    let me hear how you speak english everybody say oooohhhh
    fammi sentire come parli l'italiano dimmi ooohhh
    quiero escuchar como tuhablas espanol dime oooohh
    like dante i was flavour and i was born near thepope
    but I grew up just listening the sound of hip hop
    I am a funkyfunky freak and you can't steal to a bandit
    I give you my money baby so youcan spend it
    and the more you give it away the more i get rich
    I got agolden tongue a million dollar speech
    my english is bad but my sound isperfect
    for this everybody's giving me their respect
    I am the midnighttrain i am the genius of love
    I can materialize dreams taking it from above
    and also from down under where the sun doesn't shine
    my sound is so goodike a super tuscan wine
    and everybody go crazy to the beat of drums
    fromparis to london from tokio to amsterdam
    I am the grandmaster of italianscene
    sometimes i feel like a creation of a fellini's dream
    let me hearhow you speak english everybody say oooohhhh
    fammi sentire come parlil'italiano dimmi ooohhh
    quiero escuchar como tu hablas espanol dime oooohh
    babylon babylon babylon by mouse
    everybody go crazy when i am rockingthe house
    yo soy el matador del ritmo me llamano el ritmero
    mi sonido esbueno sensual y verdadero
    tengo el mundo en mi mano y el mundo es caliente
    si tu quieres prenderlo te lo dejo a si tu siente
    soy del marmediterraneo cada ritmo es familiar
    el sur y el norte istanbul y gibraltar
    me siento rico de carino y pobre de tristeza
    cuando el ritmo del hip hopgobierna mi cabeza
    puedo viajar por una vida y no me parp amigo
    noescuchar lo que digo ma mira lo que hago
    life's gonna get you to be or notto be
    my blood's got salt of the mediterranean sea
    good to make tearsgood to make sweat
    god bless you all and day we met
    let me hear how youspeak english everybody say oooohhhh

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