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    Electromagnetic beam, I get charged
    Rhymes I run right thru em like a big box of Trojan large
    Mc's tried to hang but it's a Brooklyn thang
    Poison slang, poison fang
    Poison pen let me begin,
    Tryin to rhyme up in my cipher is gambilin
    Freestylin me g, I be buckwilin
    You can't even challenge a nigga in my position
    Technician, renditions more freaky than Rick James
    Fly like airplanes thru all it remain the same
    My cuts like Freddy Krueger
    Don't need a German Luger
    But shoot more shit than Stern-ruger
    Dirty rottens comin thru punks cling to their guns
    Don't start none, there wont be none
    'cause ahh...fuck around and it'll be tragic
    And I could rock a rhyme with just statik
    Devastating, I gotcha heart pulsating
    Ool-age, you need aid, ejaculating
    Rhymes like semen, Mc's is scheming
    Tryin to bag me baby black you must be beemin...
    Feenin, I don't know who gased ya head up
    Im straight up, for less niggas have got wet up
    Im on a mission, scrambling my enemies transmission
    When he least expect it, run up in his h-q
    Hi I.Q., every verse is e-q ued
    Sliver like a snake, still you can't elued
    The neba, but not caneza
    Its the toucha, no gun or God can protect ya
    Neither the scripture, choke like a boa constrictor
    This is my house and I'll evict ya
    Big respect is
    I'll snatch up your girlfriend, her friend and their friends
    I got the game & fame shake out the condoms
    She's a victim, you shouldn't have that mouth dirty rotten
    And for the longest we knew you were plotten
    On the down fall, who stands tall, lick the balls
    Im not like that, so I smash out pussy walls
    On the low, oh no, on the high
    I get high, praise to the most high
    Tried to battle me, step up & die
    Like the arc of the covenant I electrify
    Petrify, intelligence I glorify
    So devils are horrified
    Sprayin like pecticide, con commit suicide
    Step into my realm and be fried
    By the statik.........

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