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    *Premier cuts and scratches Jeru saying "My Mind Spray" for four bars*
    I annihilate, as I articulate
    Words of power, your ryhmes are unconfounding so death's your fate
    Ostentatious genius, of rappin
    Is mentally clappin to take hip-hop back, that's what's happenin
    Proficiency and ingenuity
    Plus more styles, than a Shaolin mon-es-tary
    In poetry my formula's deadly
    Bring your hypest man in your army another casual-ty
    Slow like demise I crept on those that slept
    Droppin my ryhme science like I'm Imhotep
    Application of mind over matter
    Made fools scatter, rhymes fatter, minds splatter
    Your girl bend over and over and over
    MC's try to touch the Damaja but you just can't win
    Excellent with the word play, you lay
    Face down, when my, mind spray
    *Premier does his thing again like only Primo can*
    Thunder on your Dome with no help from Mad Max
    Lyrics like hype tattooes go over the dope tracks
    We booby-traps, all our inventions
    We know the intentions of MC kleptomaniacs
    Rap brainiacs have cardiacs soon after the attack
    When it comes to ryhmin I slam harder than Shaq
    Accomplish the bio-feedback, more complex than an almanac
    Keep you up like an afrodesiac
    Idealist not an opportunist
    Don't molest no shorty still in all, I'm dangerous
    Mentally you can't talk to me, hear me, or see me
    You're not equipped
    From, street blocks to cell blocks my vo-cals rock
    Do more work than a crackhead with a, toolbox
    Jeru never touch-er, mic-ra-phone wrecker
    If your honey's a Queen I'll sex her
    More important, the mind strikes like the nine strikes
    A priest by May
    You reach for your uzay, when my mind spray
    *Primo flexes that razor sharp turntable wizardry*
    J-E, Rrrah-U it's a horror to you
    Lyrical kung-fu so do your kung-fu if you know kung-fu
    Dirty, down low profile
    Shoot up jams without the aid of lead projectiles
    Style's ridiculous, techniques infamous
    Take more heads than Santa Claus at Christmas
    Science misfits, meet the rath of my wit
    Immediately following, they go into a conniption fit
    Reach into my bag of darkness and spark this like an arsonist
    Blow up like a terrorist
    I'm not a sexist don't have the power to be a racist
    I'm a scientist, and an activist
    Complex yeah simple like Mixelplics
    Unlike the silly devil, I don't come with tricks/Trix
    So out there to all you MC's return to the righteous way
    Or meet death face to face when my, mind spray
    *Primo wrecks it like a 12 car collision*

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