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    000 Intro/Chorus
    001 Come on, come on
    002 Come on, come on
    003 Come on, come on
    004 Come on, all the way
    006 {Miz Marvel}
    007 The first verse, perfect design conquest your desert thirst
    008 Highly blessed, can't recept the evil luers curse
    009 From the mansion to the slums, where the evil luers lurk
    010 My life's work, want it so bad it hurts
    011 I see three of a side, like nipples thru at church
    012 Mic experts, manipulate out thru the universe
    013 Bitches wit dicks, reveal how niggas livin in skirts
    014 Perverts, I put to death and throw to hell head first
    015 My word is plated gold, isin't equal the work
    016 Mental birth can show signs of movin Heaven and Earth
    017 Never deal or take car, wear your heart in your dirt
    018 Rhymes baptised in fire and never been burnt
    020 Chorus
    022 {Miz Marvel}
    023 As I flex, on the set we ghetto intellect
    024 My minds def, twice that of an all time vet
    025 Quietest cat, rock around with no concept
    026 Hit the L start choking and sleep with one eye open
    027 You can try me, until I can get under your skin like poison ivy
    028 Words invincible, hit it strictly for the pledgin principal
    029 Continual, pen is like my sword I feel the armor
    030 Hypnotic melodies, never gympsy steak charmer
    031 Hearts is eye, blaze a stronger than a marijuana
    032 You think I'm done, no, got dot.comma
    033 My persona, change your heart to ghetto primadonnas
    034 With maddic overdose like that guy from Nirvana
    035 Time was cut short, like a fair weather friend
    036 But if they gone, then I don't need them
    037 Can I get an amen
    039 Chorus 2X
    041 {Miz Marvel}
    042 Cast a spell, on all non believing inphadeles
    043 Heroz4Hire, exclusive list the clientele
    044 Make your head swell, legal spinning like a carosel
    045 Sweet as caramel, transform into Miz Marvel
    046 Queen lady of the Supahaman Klik Cartel
    047 If I need a bonecrusher, call up on the sun toucher
    048 In camouflage, gone just like a desert mirage
    049 Try to escape the fate, safe in proper sabotage
    050 Lyrical massage, sounded like comitcally shape
    051 My verbal swordplay, bounces off the walls like richochets
    052 Compete, with the style that you know your couldn't beat
    053 And I call you niggas pussy, 'cause you are what you eat
    054 Complete the cypher, comunicate thru words unspoken
    055 My mission ain't complete, let the circle be unbroken
    057 Chorus 2X

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