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    Featuring Afu Ra
    Yo Afu (Yo whassup?)
    Yo yo, c'mere c'mere
    Yo let's freak that rhyme we was freakin the other night
    (Yo I'm wit it yo just set it off)
    I'm sayin though, after this, it's no turnin back 'Fu
    (Aiyyo just set it off man)
    Pugilistic linguistics, check out the mystics, we're fantistic
    You mean fantastic
    Fuck it, you'll get your ass kicked
    Challenge my verbal gymnastics
    Vocabulary calisthenics
    Can't understand the mathematics are esoteric
    Watch the style but also peep the lyrics, my lightning, my thunder
    Way back I stomped out Her-cu-les
    But now I stomp out MC's
    Can't chill, because the Sun don't freeze
    Heavy metal, hard like titaniam
    Alchemist, I turn wax into platinum
    [Afu Ra]
    Influential, scientifical power
    My mental violence will shower
    Devour at a crazy rate, I speed into your circuits
    And incorporatin data banks
    Stamina, in the brain is how I slay it
    I enforce my boss and I always must obey it
    Endorsing a central rhyme of remedies
    Against any man at arms that can get with thee
    Eternal, internal, alchemist, I spill
    Logic and science ever since
    Throwing cerebral blows without my fist
    Poisonous, Taoist
    Don't mess with toys in this racket
    Terrorists don't proceed to hi-jack it
    It's too perverted, you heard it, so now you get murdered
    Test the sound system, it throws off your equilibrium
    Deep concentration can't fracture the meditation
    Competition is flipped on at random
    Deviant monks attack the mic is mental pandemonium
    And then some, you go for your hand gun
    Psychokinetic forces proceed to smash in your cerebellum
    Phonetian with more stamina than a Christian
    My mind, C3 H5 N3 O9 like Nitroglycerine
    I bust as Afu Ra crush
    Class with us and meet Cerebus
    Ready, ridiculous rabbitry, as I commence
    I whirlwind through cities
    Breaking down substances, combining matter
    Test my hand skills and back bones splatter
    Rough and tough although the mental will stomp ya
    Pugilism electrocute like Blanka
    Collaborate, all my words into verses
    I instill the will without even curses
    Slurs, escapade off the beat
    Totally complete with the unique physique
    Microcosmic warrior, indeed I'll destroy ya
    And this mic, I'm taking over

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