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    It started on the sands of land of the mother
    Word to mother, king like my father
    My style survived slave ships, whips, and chains, hardships
    Still through all this the praise roll off my lips
    Bring your guns, chains and tone force your religion
    On me cut my hair, the vibes still exist
    To destroy the molesters of my heritage
    But they conceal the drums of evil, my loyal lineage
    King of kings, God of gods
    Like my ancestors drums I beat the odds
    More mics killed than slaves during the middle passages
    Who rapes and ravages and calls us savage?
    Jungle bunny, I'm not mo' funny, I'm mo' deadly
    They know one day we'll learn how to use it
    That's why they fear our jungle music
    (Premier scratches "In the J-U-N-G-L-E")
    We went from pyramids to the ghetto
    Still my sounds make devils tumble like the walls of Jerico
    Chant my paower to devour all the snakes and rats
    Extrasensory perception to avoid all traps
    Make a joyful noise unto the Lord
    In the sancuary of your caves white kids press record
    As my mystic music spread from sea to galaxy
    It's inevitable, you can't stop me
    Try to carbon copy, but it always comes out sloppy
    You can't outrap me, you can't outrock me
    Like the dreads on my head, you try and lock me
    Down underground, but I bounce to the jungle
    Melodies, that flows like the breeze
    Through the trees, like my forefathers, command the wind and seas
    With my jungle music
    (Premier does his thing)
    Unga bunga binga
    Sound warrior, I'll take your head more than a rap singer
    Enlightener, with the mitre
    Make the forces of my nature smite ya
    Over the airwaves, powers are released
    Holy music destroy the savage beast
    I'll beat the devil like a Niyabini drummer
    Beasts his drum, this beat will drum through the summer
    Try to hold us back with all the strength you can muster
    You'll hear a sound similar to the one Custer
    Heard before he got ambushed, you'll get ambushed
    For taking this back to Kush
    For too long you've abused it
    On the low used it, and called it jungle music
    (Premier scratches)

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