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    What niggas deal, they last 24 I did in the first

    Before the doctor cleaned off the afterbirth

    I kicked a verse, smoked a blunt, shooked the Earth

    Smacked the physician, and fucked the nurse
    The truth hurts, like a sword in the hand of this expert

    Cuttin through your soul, like your best friend did your dirt

    Mental like physical blows destroy ego's

    Your style is Babylonian, like dicks in assholes

    The drama unfolds, don't mean nothing up my nose
    I can't stand snow, it only blows like nitro

    Blistering, my flows I'm splittin, so I hope you listening

    Super shoutout to all my niggas in prison
    Shout to the pyramids, the cypher and scription
    Science fact not fiction, I cut with precision

    Speak multiplication, subration, addition

    Division, Great Solar Stance burns compition

    "This-this-this-this is the Showdown"

    I put you in the chicken wing like Bob Backlund,
    Jack ya team captain
    Bring drama like summer night, ghetto action

    Some honies got it twisted, fat asses I mash 'em

    Cops like jewels, back in the days I snatch 'em
    You catch a tantrem, date how the raws rockin the drum

    Float like the white lotus, kill like Whitey in Vietnam
    You should peel arm, gorilla tactics like Viacom

    Set shit on fire like a bomb, up in smoke like Cheech & Chong

    True blacks too strong can't let nothin stand in my way
    Shit will get thick like Juice 60 in Friday

    In Brooklyn, kill MC's like Captain Hook your children

    To rappers I'm a villain, fill esteem wan't my secret like Samson
    Picture so hard, I stunt your grandson son

    Teleport from Coast To Coast like Spaceghost

    Like soy butter on my breakfast toast

    And when It comes to makin it nasty, I flips it the most

    "This-this-this-this-this is the Showdown"

    "This-this-this-this-this is the Showdown"

    Setting it off like pistols in the projects

    The climax hold ya six like nasty hot wet sex

    But string tech I catch wreck, ejucalate when I inject

    Not a player hatter, regulator, trick niggas get checked

    When I resurrect hip hop, you know the bullshit stop
    Like you got the oo-wop, the pops and what nots

    Fruity like Ed Koch, ya straight boo-tops, I'm top notch
    Super funky like a derelict prostitute prop

    Ya hear gun shots, the coroner shows up to take flicks

    Shit is feet, but no feet shit like chicks with dicks

    Ya throat flip too quick, to blaze magnetic

    Paramedics roll up on the scene,

    It's tragic, don't deal with Magic

    Johnson, renegade like Charles Bronson

    Packing a force like 18 Bronzemen

    Grand larson, excelent marksmen arson

    Fire, water, earth, metal, wind

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