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    Verse One:
    Dirty rotten scoundrel, that's what I'm called, on the street
    Could connive and cheat but rarely get beat
    Ya see I'm streetwise, a con-game pro
    Kickin the Bobby bullshit, too smart for Willie Bobo
    Not stressin five-o, hot hand in celo
    Live in the land of crooks yes Brooklyn's the borough
    Homicide central, East New York
    Where the manic, depressive psycho murderers stalk
    Walk, like a ninja, on the asphalt
    Here talk is cheap, you're outlined in chalk
    And there's more hardtimes, than on Good Times
    And most niggaz dedicate their life to crime
    So I'm steady schemin, won't work for a dime
    Used to get, tax free loot, all the time
    Type slick can't fess on 'Ru, because
    Verse Two:
    Before trains were graffiti proof I used to get loose
    Dirty rotten since the days of the deuce
    Dirty, because of the skin I'm in
    The fact I have melanin automatically makes me a felon
    Even though I'm righteous, rotten's what you're yellin
    But I'm not chain-snatchin, or drug-sellin
    According to your books you said I would be damned like Ham
    Scoundrel opposite of the king that I am
    But wanna get funny, we can get bummy
    Take you to the East and back again money
    Filthy putrified trick, step past your sister
    Challenge the Damaja, and you'll be history
    Mortal Kombat fatality, the original don't sing no R&B
    Nasty MC deity
    Chop off domes with the poems that come out of my pin-eal
    Gland, as I expand, you know who I am
    Verse Three:
    Father of all stylin, I be whylin on wax
    We hack shit up like big ax and little ax
    Don't need tokes to make you jump like bungee
    Tracks real muddy, like Brooklyn's real grungy
    When I come through I clog up your sewer
    Peep the maneuveur, drop the I'll manure
    So bring Mr. Clean, Drano, and Roto Rooter
    No matter what you do, you can't get through the
    Crud that comes out of your system
    You're another victim, of dirty rotten
    Dirt up, in your grill, so what ya gonna do
    But pay homage to...

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