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    No I will not lay down
    I will not live my life like a ghost in this town
    I am not lonely swear to God I'm just alone
    I'm back on my feet
    I can just close my eyes and forget everything
    My house is empty every memory blown away

    Oh the sound of the wind throught my bones makes me laugh
    at all the bodies I kissed and never knew
    Oh the soung of a lover's sympathy falling down to the floor
    just barely out of reach from me

    No I will not go back
    every word thats been hiding inside of my head is running blindly
    look behind me nothing's left
    I can sit in a room
    I can hear myself breathing and be quite amused
    life is simple like the wrinkles on my skin

    Oh the sound of the wind through my heart makes me glad
    for all the ones that never knew my name
    Oh the sound of a lover's sympathy
    I had to go could not stay here
    they were always out of reach from me

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