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    Rock This Girl
    { Written by Jann Arden Richards/Russell Broom }

    Hey lover friend of mine
    When you kiss me I feel fine
    When you love me good like you do
    Oh lover feels so free
    When you're here on top of me
    When you got my head in your hands

    You rock this girl

    Hey lover shut your mouth
    They're gonna hear you scream and shout
    Don't forget your momma's upstairs
    Hey lover close your eyes
    Baby let me rock-a-bye
    Gonna take you where she won't dare

    You rock this girl
    You rock this girl

    Oh lover burn me up
    Don't you ever never stop
    Show me what it's like to get high
    Hey lover hold me down
    Push my body round and round
    Give me everything I desire

    You rock this girl

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