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    I flagged a taxi long before you wake
    The sun had not yet risen, morning not yet broke
    It looks like rain
    It looks like rain

    A little starling swept above my sleepy head
    He plucked a single hair and took off
    Laughing madly as he fled
    The driver drinking brandy said, "here is to the day"
    It looks like rain
    It looks like rain

    And every breath I ever took
    Every tear I ever wept
    Every star I wished upon
    seemed nothing until now
    Every prayer I ever said
    seemed strangely answered now
    Could it be I?m in love? Could it be I?m in love?

    I made the driver park the car beside the sea
    I gazed upon the fading dark
    And slowly buckled at the knees
    The driver drinking gladly said "here is to the day"
    it looks like rain
    it looks like rain

    (chorus repeat)

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