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    How Good Things Are
    { Written by Jann Arden Richards/Russell Broom }

    I'm just living â??cause I'm obligated
    I keep trying â??cause I've got to get it right
    I pull the trigger but I hesitate
    Lying here beside myself

    I go to work â??cause I've got nothing going
    I count the hours by the second in my head
    The guy beside me's gonna drive me crazy
    Talking â??bout his children like that

    I read the paper on the bus I ride home
    I see the pictures of the people who are dead
    And I imagine what it must be like to
    Just lay down all your debts

    Everybody's gotta find a God they love
    Everybody's gotta figure out the end
    No one can tell you how to live forever
    And who would want to in light of all of this

    I go to work just to avoid tomorrow
    And I'm afraid that I am losing all my hair
    I told the doctor just to medicate the part of me that still is here

    I'm drinking water with my whiskey these days
    I'm watching William beam himself around the stars
    I call my mother every second Sunday
    We talk about how good things are (repeat)

    La la laâ?¦

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