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    Can you see my heart beating in my mouth
    Thank God the bones will keep it there inside
    And you won?t have to see this latest casualty
    And you can get yourself away from
    all my demolition love

    Can you hear me laugh dazed and scared to death
    Thank God my thoughts aren?t drifting
    through the air
    ?Cause you would catch me there bound so
    tightly to your knees
    The dirt beneath your feet is all I need
    to be completely mad

    Yeah hey hey
    Yeah hey hey

    Can you picture me here in Calgary
    Thank God the voices screaming in my head
    would sooner wish instead than face the
    bitterness of loss
    I can take it now I know myself in
    demolition love
    Yeah hey hey
    Yeah hey hey
    Yeah hey hey

    Can you see my heart

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