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    This explanation is far less sweet and easy to swallow.

    I can?t begin to understand what is exact. Your answer is far too simple, to a question that is far too complex.

    Everyday i wake, the sun shines down on my flaws.

    Your faith is fear, mine is not lost, only found within myself. From a distance my sight is bleak, and my friend?s knees, they grow calloused but their passion does not seize. And our friendship, it suceeds. And our bound hands, they bridge the gap...

    I can?t see far enough to fill me with the passion you feel for this, i'm content. I will live my life to the fullest.

    And we strive, to survive, we can?t grasp the concept that we will die. We throw stones at the beckoning hands that will one day wash us away

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