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    I feel the blood rushing up, the words from you like a blow to the sternum.
    I can't hold back now, my mouth is watering two fold.
    With the flavor of myself in the meaning.
    I lost my head again.
    Where did we go wrong.
    My concern. I lost my head again,
    But this time the apology is written across your face with unhealed lacerations.
    As I choke on the things I wish I had said blame me
    And go ahead with your life as you always did.
    And force my stomach to purge the words I might have eaten
    In a victorious feat of self indulgence.
    I simply lost my head again.
    I lost it all when I heard your voice in a tone like the storm that never strays.
    From the sepulcher I call my mind.
    Sentiments of you they will never stray

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