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    Kiss the dream good-bye,
    Separation leaves a taste so bitter sweet
    And for years you have clawed away at my flesh,
    Yet I still long to hear your voice and set my eyes upon you face
    So I may bash it to pieces and laugh as the ravens pick away at the fragments.
    The shadows they still haunt me
    And your self pity is sickening when you are to blame for the love lost.
    Your self pity is sickening. you're to blame,
    For all the love you've lost and the contempt that consumes your life.
    You're to blame. so now you may kiss this dream good-bye.
    For all my hopes and wishes are for this earth
    To be drenched in your blood as it pours from the sky,
    The clouds spraying like a lacerated artery,
    I will marvel at it's sheer beauty.
    For years you have clawed away at my flesh
    Yet I still long to hear your voice only now do I see,
    My hatred will never cease.
    And you will never claw away at my flesh.
    Never again

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