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    There's so many things I want to say baby
    So many words, oh (well well well)
    Oh, you know what I mean?
    (oh I know, I know)

    Loving you is easy
    Loving you is like breathing
    Winter winter spring natural food
    Ever loose ya
    Loving you is righteous
    Ever green light just
    Shines bright (oh yeah)
    When I'm with you
    Ooh there's so much I want to say

    [B:] Said enough
    [J:] I just want you to know
    [B:] Said enough
    [J:] So much I want to say
    [B:] Said enough
    [J:] I love
    [B:] Said enough

    Loving you, loving you is like
    Sweeter than candy
    Feels like I'm in heaven
    Sweet like a morning kiss, oh
    Loving you is so beautiful, baby
    Loving you is food for my soul
    Baby you know, you know, you know
    Oh what I'm trying to say girl
    I gotta let you know just what I feel

    [Both:] Said enough
    Repeat above while:

    [R:] Gotta let you know what I feel
    [J:] Gotta let you know my heart, baby
    [R:] Gotta let you know what's in my heart
    [J:] I want you to know just what I'm thinking
    [R:] Oh, you know what I'm thinking
    [J:] I want you to know
    [R:] Oh, I think I said
    [J:] I got to let you know
    [R:] Gotta let you know, you know babe
    [J:] Your love, your love
    [R:] My baby, my baby
    [J:] So so in love
    [R:] So good, you're so good baby
    [J:] Baby what I'm thinking, there's nothing
    [R:] Nothing in this world
    [J:] In this world that could take what we have away
    [R:] That would take what we have away
    [R:] Oh no no
    [J:] Nothing
    [R:] Nothing
    [J:] Nothing
    [R:] Nothing
    [J:] Nothing left to say
    [R:] Nothing left to say
    [J:] I said
    [R:] You said
    [J:] Nothing left to say
    [R:] No no no no no, nothing baby
    Said enough
    You said and I said and we said
    Oh you said
    All I need to know girl
    That's all I need to know baby
    No no no no no no no no

    You know what I'm talking about
    I might just shut my mouth

    [Chorus till fade]

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