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    Is what you
    Are to me
    No dictionary
    Can find
    The words to say
    How much
    I love you
    It's bout time I found someone Whose gonna love me
    For me
    Hey Miss Beloved
    Since you come into my life
    And unlocked the door
    To my heart
    I've been free

    Many have called
    But the chosen are few
    Said there's so few
    That's why I'm so happy
    To be lying next to you

    Prize possession
    You're my
    Movie star
    My near or far
    My everything

    You are my
    Prize possession
    You are my cozy nights
    My fireplace
    My sweet melodies

    You put the light at the end of my
    Yes you did
    And you did not let me die
    When it looks like life was gettin' away
    From me
    You loved
    And clothed
    And you fed me woman
    I remember
    You're my best friend
    I love you
    And woman you've got to know your

    My prize possession
    Said you are my
    Movie star
    My near or far
    My Christmas carol

    Prize possession
    You are my
    Cozy nights
    My fireplace
    My sweet melodies

    Lady April
    Let your rain fall down
    It's much cozier when it's wet
    We can cuddle up together
    C'mon suga
    We can weather any storm
    A family that prays together
    Will stay together

    Prize Possession

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