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    Groove With You
    Isley Brothers

    Oh, Ive been thinking of you
    and youve been thinking of me.
    Oh, Ill give all that I have
    If youll give all that I need.
    And oh, oh, oh, lets be fair.
    And I think its time we cleared the air.
    Ive been watching you, youve been watching me.
    You know Ive been wantin to groove with you.
    Girl, speak your mind.
    Groove with you.
    You been thinking all of this time.
    Groove with you.
    Aw baby what I wouldnt do.
    Groove with you.
    Just spending my days with you.

    Oh, love is all in your eyes,
    love fire is burning for me.
    You stay all in my mind.
    Oh woman, its easy to see.
    Oh, lets be fair
    You know its time we cleared the air

    Youve been watching me, Ive been watching you.
    You know, you know,
    Groove with you.
    Oh I want a groove, I want a groove
    Groove with you.
    Ive been thinking, youve been thinking, thinking of me.
    Groove with you.
    Oh what I wouldnt do to groove with you.

    Groove with you.
    Youve been watching, I been wathcing watching you
    Groove with you
    And every chance I get, from the first time we meet
    I want a groove with you.

    From: Louis Brodie

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