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    Defeaning hellish roars
    Pounding blasting drums
    Terrible inhuman yells
    Relentless powerful attack
    Outrageous evil horde
    Paroxysm of aberration
    Hybrid creatures emerging
    Crawling, growling
    Causing havoc, killing
    & exterminating all forms of life
    Blood - Flowing all over the plain
    Nature - Completely desolated
    Believers - Brutally mutilated
    Vultures - Disgorging their rotted corpses
    Black force devastating
    Everything that lays in it's path
    Bloody revenge of the
    Mighty Ancient Ones
    Human Race - Totally annihilated
    Weak Ones - Crushed & Destroyed
    Elder Gods - Finally Dethroned
    Chaos & Destruction - Reign once more

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