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    Fuckin' idiot believers
    You deserve nothing
    But to be killed unmercifuly
    All your non-existing idols
    Are just the only thing
    You have in your senseless lives
    One by one - decapitated with our axes
    All your weakness - finally exterminated
    There's no place for you here - die!
    Your irrational existence - ends now!
    Decapitation of the weak - There'll be none left
    Decapitation of the weak - cease to exist!
    Evil hordes, cutting off your heads
    While vultures devour your putrid bodies
    The time has come for your "Saviour"
    Who happened to be just a fuckin' lie!
    Beg for your life - stupid servants of Christ
    Kneel on your knees - bastards of the light
    Decapitated slowly - infernal suffering
    Ancient Ones - ready to take your soul apart
    Decapitation of the weak - Brutality & chaos rule
    Decapitation of the weak - We shall reign supreme!

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