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    From the womb of
    Darkness and fear
    Facing the world of
    Agony and fear
    Your conscienceness
    Slipping away
    Never to see
    The light of day

    No more breathing
    No sense of life
    Time to decay
    Born with the innocence
    Of a child
    Died with the knowledge
    Of pain. Pain!

    Leave the world of mankind
    Step out the world of death
    Uncertainty leaving behind
    Enjoy the sleep of the mind

    Stillborn... Stillborn!

    Live... in the land of death
    More living than living instead
    Secure in this world you see
    Living in certainty

    You see their greed
    That you never feel
    Life without soul
    You see their badge
    That you will never need
    Their voice of death will call


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