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    What used to be a normal life
    Has turned into a hell
    It all happened so fast
    Oh please god help

    I look into this world
    Through other eyes
    I am staring at myself
    With memories that are not mine

    These faces more and more, growing on my chest
    They take over my thoughts, these faces of the dead

    Faces of the dead
    Growing on me
    Form into my skin
    With empty eyes
    And memories
    Insanity sets in

    I am going nuts this has to stop
    Illusions of the brain
    I hear them scream, I cut their flesh
    I feel, I taste the pain

    They find me in a pool of blood
    Think it is suicide
    My chest is cut, the faces gone
    They left me so did I

    I arise come back to life
    And look through my own eyes
    My face is growing on your chest
    Your memories are now mine

    Faces of the dead
    Growing on you
    Form into your skin
    With empty eyes
    And memories
    Your insanity sets in

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