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    Dissolvent - From the inside out
    Flesh corrodes - Mysterious ways
    Liquid flows - From the inside out
    Finds its way - To let the body unburden!

    Eyes transform into liquid
    Flow down the face like tears
    The brain seeps slowly out
    The head remains as empty skull

    Feel the body drip away
    Weaken day by day
    Diagram eviscerates
    The brain dissolves

    The corpse reveals its bones
    Flesh flown away
    A skeleton left over
    Bones turn blank in the sun

    Soil takes the liquid flesh
    Absorbs the fluid
    A storm soon will thrive
    Brings the rain
    Rain strikes the ground
    Cleanses the soil
    The liquid finds its way
    Inserts a life

    Again the dripping starts
    A life will flow away
    Another being found
    To give its life away

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