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    The other day I thought that I knew you,
    I thought that I was with someone I understood.
    I hoped that it was real and not just a cruel joke,
    Looks like what I got was the shaft.
    Now that I am around you it is all that I can do
    To not break down and beg for the answers.
    Maybe it will come in time if I wait for you
    Until then I'll bare it all and pray that you have too.

    The truth is fading
    Into the sea of lies.
    It seems
    Everyone else knew you
    Except for me.

    I can't say that I ever thought to ask, I didn't think to;
    I didn't think it was necessary since we never lied.
    The comfort around you I once experienced
    Has all but up and left.
    The tension is appropriately in the air
    And I keep trying to remove your mask.
    I know that I've told you I hate to be lied to;
    Just tell me the motherfucking truth.

    This doubt is causing
    Me to feel this hate.
    Are my feelings
    And they're taking over me.

    Tell me...
    Tell me...
    Tell me...
    Tell me...

    Down it goes
    The drain swallowing it.
    Rape my confidence
    With your lack of honesty.

    Maybe this will go back to normal.
    Maybe I will see.
    Maybe you will decide to confirm
    Until then only time will tell.

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