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    It's a funny thing
    When you find out no one cares.
    Even funnier
    When you find out you don't either.
    Isn't it amazing
    When you're here no one tries to know you
    And no one tries to see.
    Isn't it amazing
    When you're gone everyone wishes they knew you
    And everyone wishes they had tried to see.

    Regrets. Wishes that can't be fulfilled.
    It's too late. Get over it.
    Maybe you should've realized
    That you can't ever go back.

    It's a strange thing
    Realizing nothing matters.
    Even stranger
    When you get hit by all the facts.
    Isn't it amazing
    When you're here your life affects no one
    And no one knows.
    Isn't it amazing
    When you're gone your absence affects everyone
    And not one doesn't know.

    Life. So precious a gift.
    Just a stopping point...In the middle.
    So enjoy it while you're here
    Because know that you only get one shot.

    Nothing I do matters
    Everything's already set.
    The Hell with all the doubters
    They will believe it yet.

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