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    The churning and the burning
    Of your soul, it burns you up inside.
    The hate and the unrest
    Causing you to feel like you do.
    Can't say that I don't know
    What it is that you're going through,
    But what I do know is
    That I left that all behind

    I found my peace.
    I found my rest.
    I found what it was to feel like nothing is wrong.
    I found my life.
    I found my destiny.
    I found the happiness and the contentment that only some can find.
    And then it was gone.

    I asked you what it was
    With tears you tried to say
    Your heart was being ripped apart
    Torn from the pressure of expectations.
    Pressure aplied in great amounts
    Your soul can't get the rest it needs.
    Your mind constantly racing and pacing
    Without ever taking the time to reflect.
    I tried to give you hope
    But the words would not come out
    Inside I knew what I had felt
    But the feeling left and now it's nothing but the same.

    I found my peace.
    I found my tranquility.
    I found the place where I'm appreciated for what I am.
    I found my home.
    I found where I belong.
    I found the feeling that I had been searching for so long.
    And then it was gone.

    Given a taste
    And then denied.
    Given a place
    And then evicted.
    Given a gift
    And then robbed.
    Given a voice
    And then silenced.

    I found my peace.
    I found my love.
    I found that only you could give what I was searching for.
    I found out now
    That I don't really want it anymore.

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