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    And thanks for being.
    Thanks for all you did
    And thanks for nothing.
    I appreciate you leaving
    In my time of need.
    I know you can't help it
    But fuck it, it's for you my heart bleeds.
    I know you loved me
    And I loved you.
    I don't want to think about it
    Because I still feel you.
    Do you hear that sound?
    It's my soul trying to breathe
    I feel the weight of you
    Maybe you were buried in me.
    You didn't leave a legacy
    But you did leave a lasting impression.
    Not just the fist-shaped one in the wall
    But the one from which I'll teach the lesson.
    I didn't know you that long
    You were still my model, my aid, my guide
    I know that a part of me turned black
    The day that you died.
    It came out of right field
    Everyone expected it to happen, no one fought.
    They bought your fucking headstone
    And got you a nice place for you to rot.
    You saw all this and took it quiet
    I'm sorry you had to see yourself die
    In all of our faces, our actions
    And in all our eyes.
    I know how you feel
    I don't know about everyone else
    It's been a good run, you'd say
    And I don't fear the exit of the pulse.
    Your bravery is amazing
    It is from where I draw my strength
    I hope that you enjoyed the food they cooked
    It surely was enough to make you feel better about when you'll stink.
    Please don't take this as an insult
    It's all I know to do
    I know that I was loved
    By someone who's equals are extremely few.
    So thanks for everything
    I think somehow I'll live
    But I'll have to look elsewhere
    For someone with a life to give.

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