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    If the earth was a willow
    And you were one too
    - would earth be weeping
    So gentle and true?
    If I was the garden
    Whereas you could grow
    -would you hand me your brAnches
    And grant me your love?

    In between the lines of your story-flowing through
    The pages of a book so well prepared the
    Words leave more than ashes from your pencil
    When it speaks of tiny stories that happened
    Through these years
    I swear that your present reality-disillusioned
    Obscurity? -will gently wipe away the tears
    Of wasted seeds

    How Can we go through this
    - with wounded wing before we learned how to fly
    How can I control desires
    - when desires burns on a chilly autumn Night?

    I will try and make you imagine;
    The aura where they stand
    Is filled with little secrets
    - as written in the sand
    Naked as a child at birth
    A question in disguise
    An oasis in a lonely desert
    Where lonely unknown lands lie

    From here and into infinity
    - humble and timeless
    Philosophy-you gently wept away the tears
    Of wasted seeds

    All the days that have left me
    And the species I have seen
    Ahead days will follow
    - it was only a dream
    Though my garden is growing
    Under skies out of blue,
    And it changes Each season
    Both in colours and in truth
    You should know that a willow
    - a weeping bed's pillow-
    Until all days are through

    The rain that fall on your branches,
    Just yearning for a source to feed it's primal need
    Can make your beauty blossom from within
    With flowers blowing in the wind-and in seasons to follow...

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