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    I spoke so well that evening
    I sang so well of light
    Wish I may wish I might
    Have this wish I wish tonight

    The more we sang of wonders
    The more we drank our wine
    Suddenly a ghost appeared
    The clock sang number nine

    We spoke from end of table
    His majesty, the chief
    - You shall take what you deserve
    From comfort and relief

    This words combined with manhood
    - In alcohole entwined -
    Made all the saying into jokes
    And good eyes into blind

    I tried to taste their warfare
    - My lips could barely move
    When I did as much as I could do
    To fit into their groove

    But as it proved impossible
    To satisfy their needs
    I solved my little problem
    And accomplished all my deeds

    For I spoke so well that evening
    I sang so well that night
    Wish I would
    Wish I could be swallowed
    By your light

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