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    Seek within your own kind of depths,
    And tell me the tales of your thousand lies.
    Yet, I have withered, but I've grown again,
    And designed my own blackness to judge.

    For as we all are awake of this suffering pain.
    It drowns in this planet's mortality.
    Grand changing cosmos offers to man in itself,
    Myths greater that those unexplored.
    If the light, will seem as dark as the day;

    Even though my dreams were laid down for ashes,
    And the fates never were stated, nor told.

    Even then I will allow myself the treasures of existence...

    Related with my own balance of knowledge,
    I am divined from the pain and the pleasure,
    Which has been gained from...
    All thoughts and memories
    (from thoughts and memories described).
    As I feel the Divinity of wisdom,
    Float inside the veins,
    Of my earthly visions.
    I am me. Master, but not divine.

    "I am not trying to give you ideals - or to tell you to become this and that.
    Simplified, I am only trying to help convince you to see that you're already
    Everything you ever needed to be. Just let go off all you yearning, all
    Longing, all ambitions concerning being someone else, so that you can only
    Become what you really are. I do not wish to carry you away from your inner
    Existence. I wish to come even c you, in the end, remain all alone inside

    [These above-written words, including all words written within quotation marks]
    [are all thoughts of Bhagwam Shree Rajneesh; one of the greatest philosophers]
    [of modern times...]

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