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    Waiting is been
    Waiting for a word
    I Never heard
    A word that lie in
    Between the lines
    Of a poem that died
    Seconds before it materialized
    Like a foreign sound from
    An unknown town
    -it makes the earth go 'round and

    A chair in her room was a tower
    From where she was watching
    She peeled through the window
    And spinned
    Opened the door, said;
    Come inside

    Do you see what you like
    Do you like what you see
    Do you see what you like
    Do you like what you see

    Come walk with me for a while
    My child
    There's a word I have heard
    And it's deeply absurd
    -The rhythm among you and the
    Rhythm within, have traveled 'long
    The same road while you've
    Wondered where you've been.
    The seed of an old star
    Is the beat of a new
    The stones you choose to turn
    Holds the one's the karma about you earn

    And if boredom is joy, you're a
    Stranger - a toy in
    The hands of the few
    Of the one's you once knew

    If it's all just a game-
    Every day remains the same

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