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    Here I am
    Back again to save you
    I am the incarnation of all that is pure
    Of all that is you
    The island in your ocean so cruel
    I am warmth
    Your guiding star and the wheel in your car
    I am all that you are
    And you will never get far
    Without my presence

    But you can never have me
    The words I bring and the song I sing
    - Chaos cannot charge the breed of order
    You'll never be able to reach me
    The tales I tell of our stereo-hell
    - We're doomed to be a first decree of murder

    This is how I want it to be
    I cannot escape and you will never get
    Rid of me We ride the
    Decadence of culmination
    Tomorrow we may hunt down revelation
    If tomorrow comes
    For the chosen ones...

    We are the poles and the world is our feast

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