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    What is addiction with absence of drug
    What is grey without the presence of white
    Days remain hollow with absence of night

    When I fell into my absence and knew
    Not what to do
    I made a can of coffee - smoked a
    Cigarette or two This is like a
    Hunger - This day is lake a feast
    A last supper to materialize the
    Wasted, slumbered beast in the closet

    She lives in the attic
    - A floor in between
    My room and the comets -
    Of chaos and dreams

    I'm awaiting the crack of dawn - the smell
    Of morning - where the sound of her
    Footsteps can comfort and cure

    It takes quite a while to get things
    In perspective A bleak, coloured tile
    Upon the wall - so pale and objective
    But how would I gain from this knowledge
    When I know not where to go

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