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    An empty room
    What are we living for
    It is for you
    It is for me
    Another weak soul
    -why is it so hard
    Is home far from here
    Can you tell me
    Whar are we living for

    I am lost in a prison
    -in my old thoughts
    My hands are tied
    I cannot reach the end

    A part of me
    Is falling apart
    And finally I understand
    We all cannot be saved

    How can I give you love
    When you never understand
    What's behind these buildings
    How can I show you feelings
    When you're living in a combination
    Of fear

    Forgive me because my eyes are
    Shaved forgive me because my
    Head is shaved forgive me
    Because my blood is boiling forgive
    Me because my skin is bleeding
    Sorrow's been taking my soul away

    I'm lost in a cave
    -in my own thoughts
    My hands are tied
    I cannot reach light

    They're hunting me while
    I'm trapped
    Inside this useless body
    They're possessing me
    It is a prison on the wrong
    Side of mankind

    Let me be
    Free at last...

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