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    We've got electric light - electric sight
    Electric mother river
    You float on down from town to town where they
    Think they are in a certain charge
    Moody angels and a little tree-goat
    - We might even try and we might even float
    Far up in the sky where mother Sun put her rays
    We can see the garden flow with it's electric face
    And the knowledge we gained from clouds
    Gone insane is the rhythm of the ol' triangle
    To gather up some rain
    C'mon, the river rape them
    - Slaves of the moon
    And the monster will turn up in the end
    To settle down next June

    So, why do they strive across their stream of lies
    For they might turn vital, mean and wild
    And we'll turn them into matchsticks that'll burn
    Them 'till they die

    I will leave far tonight You'd better find another
    Clown for your circus to feed our common enlightenment...
    Through and through

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