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    Where there used to be a wax-candle
    Blowing in the rhythm of a mind inside a man
    Working in the shadows of a midnight land
    Where words were sealed with feathers on
    Rough papers like a symbol of the present
    Madness and it's demand this absence
    Is more than I can handle in lack of a
    Seveninch candle desperately waiting for a
    Woman to abuse me and amuse me with sharpened
    Fingernails - thorns in modelled trance

    I would like to crawl underneath your
    Skin revel in forbidden and ferocious
    Sin touch your breath feel the
    Satisfaction - there is nothing like a stunning
    Piece of nighttime attraction we would
    Bring in some species of nature - if you
    Were closer now - throw them right
    Across this room - if you were closer now
    (???) the laws no words upon our lips -
    If you were present now - celebrate our
    Presence until now - I feel you're
    Closing in somehow

    Join in - the mysteries of heaven
    Miserable, optional doors maybe sell
    Our fortune to a devil on the way
    Abusement that turn us into slaves

    A song about the words so commercially
    Despised - prostitution trapped them in a
    Corner of my life - lines
    Though I know a place where
    They still can be written down and
    Blossom like only spring can do when winter
    Has been around So come with me and
    The pleasures of mine - we'll walk the
    Drawn fields, expose the secrets of life

    There is no simple desire
    Only harvesting of your rare fruit
    To many words I cannot put words to
    To many movements I cannot hide

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