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    Not long ago-in mind - we picked our choice
    And we gathered together - greeted nature by storm
    Our bodies layed down as we fell...
    And our faces turned away from the earth
    We trembled into the world of dreams
    The cradle of imagination

    Our knowledge was complete
    All our needs fulfilled
    We could not feel
    A fairytale so unreal for adventures like me and you
    Being nothing but shadows of our mortal selves I a way,
    I perceive myself as my own god my own master
    And my own slave I am but a thrall towards my own desires
    Just when it all seems so hopelessly to break free from
    What I have done I will
    Try, do it all over again, and flow
    With the waves like the
    Sun I draw parallels
    Between intuitions and
    Instincts I carried since
    Dawn when dusk
    Comes, I would like
    To see I was wrong,
    Though I still am a
    Thrall towards my own

    Oceans of infinity...
    -one shall seldom witness
    Such forces in motion
    One shall seldom take
    Their part
    -we join and we
    Breath genesis and
    Whatever that happened as
    We came along
    -for we stepped into
    What we had remembered
    As the world of dreams
    -the source of imagination

    We crawled out from
    Our drunken sleep,
    Though we could not understand
    From heaven to hell

    One shall seldom
    Witness such forces
    In motion
    One shall seldom
    Take their part
    We joined and breathed
    Genesis and revelation
    Whatever that happened

    Like an infant still
    Crawling in it's mother's
    Womb A jesus christ
    Whom never left...

    Not long ago, in mind,
    We picked our choice
    -gathered together and
    Greeted nature by storm

    From heaven to hell
    From all to none,
    And father to son

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