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    Winners and losers which one am I,
    is it the same under the sky?
    black motorcycles and the will to survive
    losers and winners low and high
    in this glass and wire world
    surely leeches gain the right
    to send their message screaming
    one that has no meaning
    to people who feel
    questions and questions plain as your nose
    but who would believe a little rose?
    winners and losers in love with themselves
    no santa claus no happy elves
    in this smoking gun existence
    it gets harder to unwind
    i'll just eat my breakfast
    try to keep my questions
    starving all night
    out in the suburbs i met
    my true fine love
    down in the suburbs i met
    my true fine love
    she gave me money
    she gave me head
    she gave my everything
    and then she went dead
    stick out your thumb
    and hit the open road
    cat in a mercedes
    goes by, he's old
    he's got some, you got none
    together maybe you can have
    some fun-winners and losers
    gentlemen boozers
    winners and losers
    roll roll roll roll
    roll your money down
    rock rock rock rock
    takln' over this town

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