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    I took a poundin'
    From the radio today
    I heard the radio say some piece of shit
    Was it the sound of today ?

    I took a bitin' 'beating'
    When I saw my TV play, I saw my TV play
    Over and over

    And there were no escape
    The box is hallow

    And that riff is fucking dead,
    That riff is fucking dead,
    But the riff is poundin'

    In my fucking head
    They're gonna push it
    Untill false is true
    Untill day is night

    They're gonna push it baby
    Untill wrong feels right
    Untill wrong feels right

    It's a big industry
    And they can beat my brain
    With houses and wars and chains

    They are insane
    But they can beat my brain

    God and his captains
    They won't pull a fucking plug
    They won't pull a fucking plug
    And give the skies
    Back to the birds and bugs

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