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    I never saw you before
    I never sound strained before
    Now i'm at your door
    And i hope you're unusual
    Very unusual
    Now i'm at your door

    And when you nicely ask me in
    I'm staring at your shoes
    And i don't wonder why
    I feel like a horse

    We can stray out on the open range
    Missing me every day with it's hidden claws
    Spring snow

    And when you brush me
    Brush me with your eyes
    I think you've noticed that
    I don't want to be a bad guy anymore

    I never saw you before
    But you're unusual
    And now i'm at your door
    I feel safe and warm

    I feel
    I feel
    I feel
    I feel

    Like a horse

    Ha ha ha ha
    What's this?

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