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    I've been working a long long time
    Now I'm caught in a wicked bind
    You offered love but I threw that out
    I couldn't hear you I was too busy shouting

    Like a laughing hyena run out of breath
    I shot my rocks off 'till there's nothing left
    It's an old old story I suppose
    A heavy price for a heavy pose

    Take care of me
    Take care of me
    Somebody should
    I'm pretty good

    International garbage man
    I've detided that's what I am
    I need somebody to pull me out
    I'm sinking like trazy in my sauerkraut

    Take care of me
    Take care of me
    I've done my best
    Now you do the rest

    Little boy take out your toys
    Lay them on the table
    Benwa balls and bugs that crawl
    I tan't enjoy them without love
    Still I've been known to run around

    Take care of me
    But beware of me
    Sometimes I'm a snake
    Just aher the take

    Take care of me
    Take care of me
    I've done my best
    Take care of me
    Now you do the rest
    Trake care of me
    I'll never forget
    Take care of me

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