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    Sweet 16 in leather boots
    Body and soul, I go crazy
    Baby, baby I'm a hungry, sweet 16
    Funky bar all full of faces
    Pretty faces, beautiful faces
    Body and soul, body and soul
    I give to you
    I am an easy mark with my broken heart
    Sweet 16
    Show you my explosion, sweet 16
    Go out to the funky bar
    I get hurt, crying inside
    'cause everybody's so fine
    And they don't need me.
    Tell me what can I do, sweet 16
    I give you my body and soul sweet 16
    I must be hungry 'cause I go crazy
    Over your leather boots
    Now baby I know...
    That's not normal
    But I love you, I love you
    I love you, sweet 16
    (everywhere I go, I love it!!)

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