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    One day as I was walking
    Through an airport corridor
    I saw a comely goth girl
    With tattos on her form
    She gezed up with her pretty white fece
    And shone her eyes on me
    She shined my shoes and then I knew
    That I would spellbound be

    Her hair was not the shiniest
    Her skin was not like silk
    But she had a way of looking
    That made me wanna milk
    As I sat high above her
    Her cleavage I could see
    I contemplated both of them
    That's how she spellbound me

    She wore black on her clothing
    And she wore black on her boots
    Lt was lollapalooza day
    But she didn't iike he groups
    I got lost in her pale skin
    And wanted to stay down
    But I had someone waiting
    So I left spellbound

    So if you're dark and lovely
    And you see me passing by
    A smile I'd appreciate
    And a little bit of crime
    I haven' got a dollar
    And I haven't gol a crown
    I wander lost across this earlh
    I'm just spellbound

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