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    I was riding on a concrete slab,
    Down a river of useless flab
    It was such a beautiful day
    I heard a witchdoctor say,
    "i'll turn you into a toadstool"
    I'm looking for the joke with a microscope
    My muscle's twitching on your words
    If you're on the streets you lose your nerves
    Divinity throws you a curve
    Sticks you and then you go beserk
    As life goes by you in a blurr.
    I'm looking for the joke with a microscope
    Page out of a comic book
    A chicken hanging on a hook
    A river and a babbling brook
    A sermon and a teenage hook
    Shaking my hand at your fake face
    A suicide a certain look
    A microphone a loose guitar
    People feeling near and far
    Stupidity a mental scar
    Put cruel into cruelty
    Abhoaring no inspiration.
    An achoholic has gone far
    Everything just goes to far
    I was pissing on the desert sands,
    When the desert whispered to me,
    "damn! isn't this a shame?
    Things will never be the same..."
    I run this gas and oasis
    Now I'm looking for the joke with a microscope
    I was a teenage dinosaur, stoned and obsolete
    I didn't get fucked and I didn't get kissed
    I got so fucking dense
    Using my head for an ashtray
    Now I'll tell you who I am
    I'm the repo-man
    And I'm looking for the joke
    Looking for the joke
    I'm looking for the joke with a microscope

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