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    My baby wants to rock and roll

    She likes pictures and thoughts control

    She?s shoppin? wild and she?s comin? down

    Superman couldn?t turn her around

    She wants ta rock rock rock

    Rock rock and roll

    Rock it on down till she cures her soul

    She wants ta rock her way right outta the hole

    She wants to rock and rock and roll

    She wants information and she wants it raw

    She don?t believe the way they lay things out

    She?s gotta try it till she?s too fucked up

    I was the same way once myself

    I hadda rock...

    Goin? down those empty streets

    You know what other guy?s got all the money

    He doesn?t deserve it-screw him-rock and roll

    Car crash on the grey highway

    Bodies murmur under blankets

    The party?s in full swing

    The boys are high and ready for fucking new blood

    Boddies are needed constantly

    Escapees from all history

    Voyagers in tehe animal state-whoops!-

    Here come the assholes they can smell the money-

    The meanest little bitch in 13 states-

    She?s what God creates-

    ...rock and roll...

    Nobody knows if she?ll live or die

    He wishes he was the cute one

    But he?s just the big one

    He needs to rock and roll

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